[LEFT][font=Helvetica Neue, serif]Tim Trilioni Develops Software To Allow Musicians To Efficiently Manage Side Projects-With More Options For Autonomy and Control of Their Brand[/font]


[font=Helvetica Neue, serif]Tim Trilioni's Beat Papi [/font][font=Helvetica Neue, serif][/font][font=Helvetica Neue, serif] project is being pegged as Music Industry 2.0[/font][font=Arial, serif] [/font][font=Arial, serif](Beatpapi.com)[/font][font=Helvetica Neue, serif]. Trilioni and the BeatPapi team have designed a smart platform by where artists are able to à la carte their projects' instrumentation, engineering, fundraising campaigns and side music endeavors-- for full autonomous control. [/font]

[font=Helvetica Neue, serif]The platform allows artists to have inhouse musicians create instrumentals , lay their vocal tracks in a recording studio of their choice then send the tracks back to Beat Papi[/font][font=Helvetica Neue, serif]engineers for final technical adjustments. [/font]

[font=Helvetica Neue, serif]Beat Papi then packages the final production and contracts (if needed) then sends all materials digitally to the record label/ production company for album processing, the signed artist ('s management team) or directly to the indie artist for dissemination to audience and fans to enjoy. [/font]

[font=Helvetica Neue, serif]Figure 1[/font][font=Helvetica Neue, serif] below shows the breakdown of how artists can use the program to further their musical enterprise in addition to the albums they produce for their labels. Artists are also able to use the platform to work with charitable causes and fundraisers they are passionate about.[/font]


Figure 1. BeatPapi 2.0 Flowchart